2019 Church Officers

Sloan Memorial United Methodist Church

 Local Church Officers for 2019


Lay Leader -  Harold Hempstead, and Patricia Jefferson

Lay Delegate to Annual Conference - Relia Scott

Administrative Council Chairperson - Diane Lastrape Thomas

Recording Secretary/Administrative Council - Mary Guidry

Finance Committee Chairperson - Lillie Ballard

Treasurers - Edith Clarke and Donielle Sweat

Financial Secretary - Mary Guidry

Counters - Isabella Potts, Relia Scott, Bonita Billings, Lyn Collins,

Roberta Withers, Maudell Simon

A.A.R.P. President - Leroy Johnson

United Methodist Men - Harold Hempstead

United Methodist Women - Darlene Nunn

Church Historian - Lillie Ballard

“Ministry of Nurture”

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” – Proverbs 16:3

Purpose:  To make faith practical in everyday life; that is, to provide programs and activities that will glorify God, and care for our congregation and community which will empower them to grow in their spiritual lives.


Sunday School Superintendent - Harold Hempstead

Stewardship - Edith Clarke

Membership - Diane Lastrape Thomas

Christian Education - Patricia A. Jefferson

Worship - Relia Scott

Small Group Ministries & AAOD Representative - LaVerne Guillory

Music Ministry Coordinator/Musician - Paulette Williams

Choir Director - LeKrystaI Williams

Percussionist - Linus Anderson

Prayer Ministry - "Pastor"

 Intergenerational Outreach Ministry

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8

Purpose:  To intentionally connect, through coordination and collaboration, in support of healthy families and organizations, and emerging partnerships in our mission field, with programs and ministry activities that are dedicated to both practical skills development and the deepening of individuals’ relationships with God through inclusive faith formation events.

Family Ministries - Arthur and Bonita Billings

Older Adult Ministries - Lillie Ballard and Darlene Nunn

Youth Ministries - LeKrystal Williams, Breorna Wyatt, Joan Baxter 

Children's Ministries - Bonita Billings

UMYF Representative - Gloria Smith

Young Adult Ministries - Ashley and Chantell Goodlow

Visitation Team - Lillie Ballard

Hospitality - Debra Tate, Phequita Lastrape, Lena Lane

Ushers - Janice Paul

Health and Welfare - Orange Wyatt, Jr.

Communications - Brenda Wyatt

Media Ministry - Arthur Billings

AudioVisuaI Ministry - Ashley Goodlow


 LAY LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE - Chaired by the Pastor

 Class of 2019:  Bonita Billings (F/Black), Lena Lane (F/Black), Harold Hempstead (M/Black)

Class of 2020:  Janice Paul (F/Black), Johntrel Metoyer (M/Black/Youth), Relia Scott (F/Black)

Class of 2021:  Roberta Withers (F/Black), Daniel Sweat (M/Black/Youth), LaVerne Guillory (F/Black)


BOARD OF TRUSTEES Russell Graham, Chairperson

Class of 2019:  Alvin Colquitt (M/Black), Diane L.Thomas (F/Black), Don Sweat, Sr. (M/Black)

 Class of 2020:  Russell Graham (M/White), Vacancy, Harold Hempstead  (M/Black)

Class of 2021:  Orange Wyatt (M/Black), Arthur Billings (M/Black), Steven Neely (M/Black)



 Class of 2019:  Kenneth Baxter (M/Black), Don Sweat, Sr. (M/Black),   Breorna Wyatt (F/Black/Young Adult)

Class of 2020:  Ashley Goodlow (M/Black/Young Adult), Pshaun Hopkins (F/Black), Relia Scott (F/Black)

Class of 2021:  Jonell Charles (F/Black), Beverly Giles (F/Black), Maudell Simon (F/Black)