From The Desk of The Pastor


Sloan Memorial UMC is a wonderful church filled with caring and supportive people.  My brief time at Sloan has been one of mutual acceptance and grace.  Despite my experience as an associate pastor for many years, the responsibility of being a senior pastor is very demanding and new.  I am truly blest to have Sloan as my initial entry into the role of a senior pastor.  The church has wonderfully embraced my wife and children.  I believe Sloan needed me as much as I needed Sloan.


As we prepare to return to our original mission field in the Fifth Ward of Houston, we understand our purpose is to make disciples and minister to the needs of the community.  It is a community which is very different from the one of Sloan’s past.  However, these differences are a blessing since the people in Sloan are different from those exiled seven years go.  The separation from the Fifth Ward has strengthened Sloan’s resolve and fortified the church’s determination to be an effective witness of God’s grace.  Sloan’s story is one of grace in which many churches would not have survived the loss of their sanctuary.  God has graced Sloan with the ability to move forward despite the emotional and social loss of their home space, a centering space containing the memories of family events, community support and personal transformation.  God’s grace is evident in the love of the people and supportive measures they have undertaken to maintain a sense of community.  

The Great “I AM” IS ALL WE NEED!