Sloan’s Denver Harbor Area Chapter #5430 of A.A.R.P., Inc., is a nonprofit, organization that works to address the needs and interests of middle-aged and elderly people. Its membership is open to all persons age 50 or older, whether working or retired.  Our Coordinator is Mr. Leroy Johnson.


Meeting Date and Time:  3rd Thursday each month at 11:00 am

  Meeting Place:  Sloan's NJB Helping Hands Center



Sloan’s Denver Harbor AARP Unit #5430

Traveled to College Station, Texas for a visit to the George H. W. Bush Library and Museum



Sloan’s Denver Harbor Area Chapter #5430

Visits Buffalo Soldiers National Museum



Sloan’s Denver Harbor Area Chapter #5430

Volunteers At Houston Food Bank

 Sloan’s Denver Harbor Area Chapter 5430

Presents AARP Workshop - Fraud Alert and Voter Registration

Lillie Ballard and Relia Scott, Presenters



Sloan’s Denver Harbor Area Chapter 5430

Celebrates AARP Sunday at Sloan Memorial UMC




Sloan’s Denver Harbor Area Chapter 5430

Takes Outing To San Jacinto Battleground














              "May The Good Lord Bless You"


Sloan’s Denver Harbor Area Chapter 5430

Receives Specialized Telecommunications



was the featured guest at the monthly gathering of Sloan’s AARP Chapter 5430. 

The STAP Program is funded by the TEXAS UNIVERSAL FUND (each month those charges appear on every phone bill), is for both children and adults, and is not based on income.  Applicants simply must be TEXAS RESIDENTS and have a condition/disability that limits their ability to use the telephone:  difficulty hearing, seeing, speaking, mobility (moving), or remembering.


Mr. Deane showcased a variety of telephones with specific features designed to meet specific needs along with other forms of assistive technology (IPADs, speaker attachments, etc.)  AARP members simply completed the application form, showing proof of residency in the state of Texas, and will participate in a follow-up session with Mr. Deane once the items are delivered and ready for use.  IT WAS FREE!!!   FREE!!!  FREE!!!




 Sloan’s AARP Chapter  

Takes Excursion to Galveston, Texas


Members of Sloan’s Denver Harbor Area Chapter #5430 of A.A.R.P., Inc.  took an excursion to Galveston, Texas for a day of enrichment, fellowship, and fine dining.  The weather was “picture-perfect” as the “seasoned seniors” boarded the Precinct I bus and headed to the G. Lee Gallery in historic downtown Galveston – 2215 Post Office Street - where Mr. George Douglas Lee - writer, artist, musician, public speaker, published playwright, and host of Electric Theatre Radio Hour, is the owner and host.  

George Lee is the only Galveston tour guide featured on the History Channel and the Smithsonian Channel. 

George Lee’s presentation at the art gallery featured a riveting documentary about Galveston’s storm of 1900, at a time when Galveston was one of America’s wealthiest cities.  The storm’s aftermath left thousands dead and the city near complete destruction.





Following the presentation at the G. Lee Gallery, Mr. George Douglas Lee boarded the bus and took the seniors on a tour of Galveston’s historic district.  The Galveston visit concluded with lunch at Gaido’s Restaurant on Seawall Boulevard.

 Sloan’s Denver Harbor Area Chapter #5430 of A. A.R.P., Inc.  -  President Leroy Johnson